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Frequently Asked Questions

Always feel free to call the shop if you're not sure about something concerning your tattoo. 1 (231) 369-2095

How long before I can take my bandage off?

Remove your bandage as soon as you get home, make sure that you've washed your hands with anti-bacterial soap. Rinse your tattoo with cold water when you're done to close the pores.

What soap can I use?

Make sure the soap you're using to clean your tattoo is ANTI-BACTERIAL and has no scents or fragrances. Scented soaps will irritate your new tattoo and inhibit the healing process. A good example of safe soap and lotion is Classic Dial Gold.

Can I shower with my new tattoo?

A quick hot shower is fine, the idea is to not keep your tattoo wet for too long. Keeping the skin wet while it's trying to heal will interfere with the normal healing process and affect how your tattoo will heal. 

Can I go swimming?

Absolutely DO NOT swim or soak your new tattoo. Not only does keeping the skin wet interfere with the natural healing processes but both chlorine in a pool/hot tub and the bacteria in natural bodies of water will cause possible infection to your new tattoo. 

Can I be out in the sun?

You need to keep a fresh tattoo out of direct sunlight for the first day or two.. Allow the skin to close up for at least 75 hours. To keep your tattoos from fading faster, apply a thin layer of Sunscreen over the tattoo with clean hands. UV LIGHT WILL BE YOUR BIGGEST KILLER. Apply sunscreen everytime you plan to be out in the sun. 

Can I put Aquaphor on my tattoo?

Allow the skin to air dry for 5-10 minutes then apply a thin layer of Aquaphor over the tattoo with clean hands. DO NOT OVER DO IT! You want your skin to be shiny but it also needs to be able to push out any excess ink or fluids. Repeat washing/air drying/applying ointment for no longer than three days. 

What lotion can I use?

After three days or when the skin begins to dry out and flake you may begin to use UNSCENTED lotion to help with the dryness and itch. It's very important you DO NOT scratch your tattoo, this will affect the healing process. 

We will do our best to stay available and answer your questions. We take great pride in what we do and appreciate the opportunity to work with you! Wear your new tattoo with pride. Tag your artist on social media and if anyone asks, send them our way for the tattoo they've always wanted!

How To Get Tattooed

If you are interested in getting a tattoo at Golden Rule Tattoo, you can always walk into the shop during normal business hours, call over the phone or email us and set up a tattoo appointment or consult. We take walk-in's on a first come first serve basis. Preferably we would like to discuss a tattoo with you in person and determine how long of an appointment is needed. 

To secure an appointment with us a deposit is required. Although we do accept credit card our preference is cash or Venmo for all transactions. All deposits are non-refundable and if an appointment needs moved or canceled a minimum of 48 hours notice before the appointment is required to maintain the deposit status in good standing. 

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