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My name is Lauren Margo

I'm a Female Tattooer from Michigan, currently based in South Boardman. I've been tattooing since 2006, and my work is a spin on American Traditional, Japanese Imagery, and Neo-Traditional Designs. 

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Most Innovative, Straight Forward Approach to Traditional Tattooing

Tattoo Portfolio

My tattooing style ranges between Traditional and Neo-traditional with a heavy American Traditional influence (even though I frequently dabble in Lettering, Japanese Imagery, and Vintage Botanical Illustrations). You'll see many animals, flowers, nature, wildlife, classic traditional tattoos, and vintage illustrations in my portfolio, but I can tackle almost any idea thrown my way.

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My Story

I was born and raised in Western Michigan. Some of my first and favorite memories involved art in some way. My parents told me I'd been drawing since I could pick a crayon. 


As a child and throughout grade school, I took private art classes, and my love for art grew. I transferred from a public high school to a private academy with an intense art program where I took lessons in film, textiles, sculpture, life drawing, and painting. I received a few art awards throughout my school years, and so at this point, it was an easy decision that I wanted to pursue a career making art and continue learning in the arts. 


In high school, I met a local Tattooer named Scott LaMadline. I asked if he needed any help around the shop; if he would give me an apprenticeship. He accepted my proposal, and my fascination for tattooing grew at that moment.


In 2006, I Off the Wall Tattoo in Holland, Michigan, where I spent three years learning, growing, and developing my portfolio for whatever came through that door.


Once I turned 18, Scott released me to the public, where I would put my growing love for tattooing to the test. While I spent years working at different shops, relying on careful observation, trial, error, and experimenting, my skills remained sharp. I continued to travel to other states, getting tattooed by my heroes and guest spots at others to develop and share every little bit of the knowledge I could while exploring the adaptability of tattooing.


In March of 2021, I moved to Traverse City, where my journey continued at Front Street Tattoo, located right in the heart of Historic Downtown Grand Traverse. Then when one of the doors closes, much more open! In October 2022, I wished for the sudden yet exciting opportunity of owning a tattoo studio! And that's when Golden Rule Tattoo Co. was born. 


I find fulfillment in helping people achieve their goals and visions and always providing the best service possible. I spend much time drawing, immersing myself in tattooing, building meaningful relationships, and staying inspired. Most importantly, I am always looking forward to the fulfillment of seeing my work and making others happy. 


With that said, I enjoy meeting new clients and veteran tattoo collectors alike! If you are new to getting tattooed. I am here to help answer any questions you may have. 


As always, I am incredibly grateful for your interest, and I wouldn't be able to do this without your love and support!  


Browse the site, schedule an appointment, or if you have an idea, please make contact to set up a consultation. It would be my absolute pleasure to be your tattoo artist, and I look forward to seeing you!

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